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Ecuaconnect is ready to provide you a highly qualified team that will offer you industry and maritime solutions. Our experienced technicians have worked along with contractors and the biggest cruise-lines; warranting to accomplish a variety of installation and repair projects.

Qualified personnel

A variety of well trained personnel that will fulfill your needs on: welding, electrical and lightning, CCTV, Access Control and more. Always bringing with them morality, productivity, safety and value.

Maritime Solutions

Our skilled team is trained to work on various tasks such as:Structured cabling, welding work, Optical fibers work and more. Having great knowledge about cruise-ship’s security practices and procedures.

Surveillance Solutions

Vast experience working with contractors on CCTV Systems projects. From the running to the management of the cables. Installation and configuration of cameras and devices. With over 10.000 working cameras around the world.

Structured Cabling & Cable Management

Cabling is the heart of your telecommunications and services.

Electrical & Lightning Service

Choose lighting eco-friendly systems. We’re committed to getting you what you need.

Access Control

Making people safe at their work places. Experienced secure services.

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