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What is an access control system?

Access control consists of verifying whether an entity is like a person, vehicle, computer, etc. That request access to a resource has the necessary rights to do so.

Access control offers the possibility of accessing physical resources, for example, a building, a local, a country, or logical or digital resources, for example, an operating system or a specific computer application.

Access control components:

An authentication mechanism, for example, a password, a key, a biometric system. This mechanism is not useful only by itself, but it is essential for the operation of the following two:
An authorization mechanism. It is that method that is completed after the authorization of a system or an entity that permits us to obtain the data or access to a private place.
A traceability mechanism. It serves if you want to identify a posteriori the person responsible for an action.

Benefits of Implementing Access Control:

  • Control of entry and exit of personnel.
  • Savings in staff time and overtime.
  • Security when opening doors.
  • Speed ​​and agility in the registration process.
  • Safety and agility in vehicular access.

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