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Electrical Services

We work with local and remote general contractors, owners and developers to provide competitive electrical quotes for all types of commercial, maritime, industrial and institutional electrical projects.

Our service is rendered to fulfill the diverse requirements of electricity supply companies, power plants, industrialized plants and many others.


Contractor Lighting & Supply saves electricians and contractors money on modern new and replacement retrofit LED lights, including high bay lights, strip lights, flat panel ceiling lights, can lights, lenses, lamps & bulbs, fluorescent retrofit replacements, emergency signs and fixtures, indoor lights and outdoor lighting fixtures like flood and area lights, emergency ballasts.

Why Choose Us


Project can be completed on time and budget

Worldwide Solutions

We will be when and where you need us.

Technical Skills

Staff with many technical skills that can solve any problem.

Committed to the project.

Your main ally for a successful project.
We are your best ally for a successful project.